SV Master- Leveraging OpenAI (ChatGPT) with Google Spreadsheets

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Introducing a tool - We call it "SV Master" that utilizes the power of OpenAI to generate content in Google Spreadsheets.

Your own AI tool brought to you by Startupvisors helps you to generate multiple type of content within a few seconds. Not just generate, it lets you save the data generated and use anytime as per your convenience.

What all can you do?

You can generate the following and much more:

  • Product Description - Eg: Write a premium product description in 100 words for the product named "WRITE PRODUCT NAME" which is "WRITE FEATURES" in an "engaging/professional" tone.
  • Blog Posts - Eg: Write a 100 words blog post on the topic of "Write Topic" in 200 words for "Your Brand Name".
  • Social Media Posts
  • E-mails, Landing Page Content, and whatever you can think of.

Steps to Use?

  1. Add Your API key in the Settings Tab (Steps provided to generate API in less than a minute)
  2. Go to Ask Questions tab and write your question.
  3. Click anywhere in the sheet to get the answers in a few seconds.
  4. You can simply copy and paste the data saved and look for the number of words generated.


Flat $10/month with no usage limit(Can add unlimited team members)

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Enter "$0" in the price and Click on "I want this". Once you enter your email address and phone number, you can book a demo as per your convenience.

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SV Master- Leveraging OpenAI (ChatGPT) with Google Spreadsheets

4 ratings
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